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Welcome to our farm shop filled with OLMH and our local loves

We decided to make our farm shop even more beautiful by adding a curated selection of local organic and low waste goods to sit beside ours. Since Richard and I have been back at the farm we’ve managed to make a few local discoveries. There’s a lot of great things happening in Waikato and Bay of Plenty and we feel that more people need to know about them.

Our honey story

Our apiaries help to pollinate our diverse pasture, our native regenerative planting, and our market garden. This honey is a symbiosis between bees, wetland fauna, cows and us – all relying on one another to thrive.

The bees can collect from any number of flower sources in the diverse, organic pasture, the wetland and elsewhere in the Horahora and Maungatautari districts. Nectar (which the bees turn into honey) could come from the likes of; buttercup, white clover, red clover, Californian thistle, Scottish thistle, ragwort, dandelion, chicory, plantain, birdsfoot trefoil, selfheal, ti kōuka (cabbage tree), mānuka, kānuka, gorse and harakeke (flax). 

For more on our transition to having bees on the farm, head here. Thank you for supporting responsible farming that’s a change for good.

OLMH Honey Jar – 2019 harvest

For our second year, we have another small batch of around 200 jars of honey for you and your family. The floral notes are melon, honeysuckle and jasmine and it’s slightly darker than the previous season. This may be due to it being a very dry summer and the wetland plants having had another year of growth. We have selected the same glass jars as the previous year and encourage you to reuse yours in your kitchen or bathroom.

Details: 300 grams // raw New Zealand honey // due to it being summer, your honey may arrive runny. If you prefer a harder honey, we suggest leaving in the fridge for a few hours, to get thicker // for more images, head to Instagram and use the hashtag #olmhoneyjar

$15 (including postage & packaging) 

OLMH Honey Pot & Jar – 2019 harvest

We collaborated again with local artist and potter Margi Nuttall to craft another small batch of stoneware pots. We loved the original design so much that we decided not to change a good thing. The rich, dark brown clay has been sourced domestically and has been mixed with clay from the farm. This gives the finish a slightly gritty texture and creates an overall rich and earthy tone. 

The pots were fired to 1250ºC, to create a look and density that is stone-like and is much stronger than earthenware clays. A domestic glaze called ‘pearl white’ has been used again this year on the outside of the pots. However, for this harvest, we have chosen to glaze the interior with a clear, shiny glaze to reveal the colour of the clay underneath.

While every effort has been made for the pots to resemble each other, no two pots are the same and each lid has been crafted to fit the pot it is paired with. Metal utensils can cause honey to crystalise, so Margi has created spoons as a perfect accessory for the honey pot.

These two were made to go together. Our jar of honey perfectly decants into our pot, meaning you can enjoy displaying your honey pot on the kitchen table. We think of it as honey every day, not everyday honey.

Pot Details: diameter approx. 7 cm // height approx. 16 cm // weight approx. 400 g // stoneware contains no lead or chemicals, and is non-toxic // pots have a glazed outer and inner, with unglazed rim // spoons have an un-glazed handle and glazed head // clean with detergent and water // dishwasher safe, but don’t place the spoon and pot together // take care not to drop on hard surfaces // all materials safe for domestic use // for more images, head to Instagram and use the hashtag #olmhoneypot

Jar Details: 300 grams // raw New Zealand honey // due to it being summer, your honey may arrive runny. If you prefer harder honey, we suggest leaving in the fridge for a few hours, to get thicker // for more images, head to Instagram and use the hashtag #olmhoneyjar

$65 (including postage & packaging) 

OLMH Mānuka Seed Packet

Richard collected seeds from our white and red Mānuka trees last year. So, we popped them in seed packets with our stamp on the front. It’s a mixed bag of native goodness. 

$6 (including postage & packaging) 

OLMH 2020 Gift Box

This is a celebration of all things OLMH. Nestled inside is our jar of honey, our OLMH x Margi Nuttall pot & spoon, a packet of red Mānuka seeds, 2 for the price of 1 with your next honey jar order (as well as the person you’re gifting the box to), and a postcard featuring Plantgirl’s 2018 honey jar poster. The value of everything is $130. Boxes are customisable, so get in touch to talk about your gift.

Box details: 1 x 300-gram glass jar of raw New Zealand honey // 1 x stoneware pot, lid and spoon // 1 x red Mānuka seed packet // 50% off your next 2019 honey jar (as well as for the person you’re gifting the box to) // 1 x A6 OLMH postcard // to ensure everything arrives in one piece, we’ve used our pop starch to cushion the bottom and top of the box. When you receive them, just take this off the top. 

$90 (including postage & packaging) 

Webster’s Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Mark Webster blends his organic tea in his tea shed just out of Tauranga. Organic tea is important because unlike conventional tea growing methods, no nasty pesticides and herbicides are used. In addition to being organic, we also love that he chooses packaging that’s 100% recyclable.

Webster’s English Breakfast 

Mark describes it as a being made from a killer balance of organic black tea from the Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon growing regions of India and Sri Lanka. Malty, flavourful and full-bodied. We’ll be stocking 110-gram boxes, which gives you 50 cups of delicious tea.

Details: 110-gram box // 50 cups of delicious tea // certified organic loose leaf tea

$25 (including postage & packaging) 

Webster’s Earl Grey 

Mark talks about it being a twist on the classic. It combines a high-quality blend of black teas with blue cornflower petals, natural bergamot, lemon and cream flavour. It’s smooth but punchy and the citrus gives it a freshness.

Details: 100-gram box // 50 cups of delicious tea // certified organic loose leaf tea

$25 (including postage & packaging) 

Webster’s Perfect Infuser

Let’s face it, loose leaf tea is much better for you and our environment, but it can be a faff. Especially, if you just want to make one cup. Webster’s Perfect Infuser is just that. It perfectly nestles into your everyday cup. Just pop it in and let the tea leaves flow. Mark describes is as being loose leaf tea made easy. It’s durable, stylish and fits into almost any mug or teapot. This beauty keeps small tea leaves in place while allowing larger teas plenty of room to expand.

Details: stainless steel fine mesh infuser // fits into standard sized cups and teapots  

$25 (including postage & packaging) 

One Small Change Hankie 

The hankies you’ve always wished you’d had. Stephanie handmakes them in Papamoa and uses locally grown, organic cotton fabric. We’ve decided to stock a white and a cream colour for now. The average person consumes 5.2kgs of tissues a year and this number keeps on getting bigger. If we all just bought just seven hankies, we’d be sorted for the week. We’d even save on money and the earth would save its trees.

Details: cream and white colours // locally grown, organic cotton fabric // 26cm x 26cm   

$9 (including postage & packaging) 

Niamh Peren’s Handmade Teddies

Niamh’s has created five hand-spun and handknitted teddy bears. It takes her several days to complete and each is stuffed with raw wool that’s shorn from her pet Arapawa and Perendale ewes. Even more special is the yellow detailing that’s been naturally dyed with Central Otago saffron. Niamh made one teddy for a friend who had just had a baby and has kept on knitting. Just like her sheep, she feels that the bears have taken on personalities of their own and have been named after their woolly friends. Our first five are called Silver, Black, Brown, Snowy and Gem. The bears are best to be hand-washed and they can be treasured for a lifetime.

Details: Niamh has given us five bears to choose from, so please get in touch for specifics on each bear // raw Arapawa and Perendale wool stuffing // handwash only // home compostable // no toxic dyes // L 28cm   

$150 (including postage & packaging) 

Salt Bag’s Bertha the Bag

Melissa Woods and her family have created a range of 100% cotton and mesh bags that are lightweight, strong and environmentally friendly. They want to help us to live more organised, so we can all do our bit to protect our oceans and not let life and plastic drag us along. We’re just carrying the Bertha in Moss Green for now. It’s perfect for everyday family life, food, work, markets, running errands and pretty much everything. Bertha’s made from soft and hard-working 100% cotton canvas and is plastic free, home compostable, worm friendly, uses non-toxic dyes and ultimately, keeps plastic out of the ocean.

Details: moss green colour // plastic free // home compostable // no toxic dyes // dimensions: L 39cm x H 36cm x W 13cm // 100% cotton canvas

$84 (including postage & packaging) 

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