A study of our organic pasture: plantain


Common name: Plantain.

Scientific name: Plantago lanceolata.  

Why we use it: It’s fast establishing from seed, with a coarse root system and grows for the entire year. It’s not as drought tolerant as chicory, but responds well to moisture, whether that’s rain or effluent.

The minerals copper, zinc, selenium and cobalt are present in high concentrations, which all benefit the cows in different ways. Copper has been proven to help with bone development, the immune and nervous systems, as well as pigmentation. Zinc is helpful in preventing facial eczema and healthy hooves. Selenium also supports the immune system and is required for normal growth and fertility. Cobalt contains B12, which is essential in the formation red blood cells.

There’s also been evidence of the plantain having tonic, or antibiotic properties which may benefit stock rumen flora.